About us

Apostle Clinical Trials was founded by physicians Stephen Volk and Thomas Apostle in 2008.

Dr. Volk has played a prominent role in clinical research in the United States the past decade. He has developed a reputation as a principle investigator with the clinical experience and ethics required to effectively conduct trials involving human subjects.

In addition to his role as a researcher, Dr. Apostle treats patients at the Cedars Sinai Medical Spine Center and Pain Center in Los Angeles.  He makes presentations at national and International conferences.

The vision of ACT evolved from many years of clinical and research experience.  Patient safety is of paramount concern and is addressed by daily physician evaluation of patients.  Our dedicated personnel work as a team to maintain data integrity and to understand and limit placebo effects within the clinic.

Mission Statement
In order to serve our subjects and the general public suffering from disease, our mission is to conduct clinical trials in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

Our Vision
Our aim is to carefully balance the need to benefit the greater good of society and future generations of people afflicted with illness with each volunteers well being.  We implement the following strategies to accomplish other important goals:

  • We emphasize placebo minimization through proper subject selection and surveillance of placebo (therapeutic) effects within our clinic and inpatient facility.  We also make a concerted effort educate subjects on placebo effects and ways to minimize them.
  • We continually educate our staff to observe and accurately record change within individual subjects to enhance our inter-rater reliability.